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Mastering C By Venugopal Ebook Free Download




Mastering C by Venugopal PDF Mastering C by Venugopal PDF book download. Find and purchase the best copies of Mastering C by Venugopal for Kindle from.The Ebook Mastering C By Venugopal PDF. Do you would like to have Mastering C By Venugopal in your Kindle? This ebook is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Mastering C by Venugopal Epub Venugopal's book details the nature of software development and the motivations behind designing programming languages, tools, and approaches. The book is intended to be accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of C. It presents the basics of object-oriented programming in C++ in a manner that will make it understandable to those with no background in programming. Introduction The book starts with an overview of the landscape of computer science and software engineering. It provides an introduction to the key concepts of an industrial-strength programming language in C, such as concurrency and exception handling. It will also present the basic principles of OOP, such as encapsulation and inheritance. At the beginning, the book presents programming basics in C, followed by an introduction to C++ and their usage. Venugopal covers the various aspects of C++, such as the language syntax, including the differences between C and C++, basic C++ data structures, the STL, classes and objects, polymorphism, static and dynamic linking, and exception handling. The book also explains and clarifies the details of the various classes of C++, including the standard libraries, including the basic types (int, float, char, and so on) and the STL, pointers, arrays, classes, operator overloading, and the standard containers (std::string, std::vector, and so on). He further explains the C++ templates and templates themselves. Venugopal explains the functionality of different types of exceptions, including the three flavors of exception-safety, handling exceptions, and how to enable exceptions. He also explains the details of function and operator overloading. All of these concepts are explained clearly and concisely. Venugopal spends a great deal of time on the details of the language. The book discusses the various language constructs, including the C-like return statement, the fall-through-default in switch statements, the C-like integer types and arithmetic operators, and the while loop. He also presents the C++-like ternary operator. Venug




Mastering C By Venugopal Ebook Free Download

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